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3Cube embarked on the Healthy Ship initative with the objective to enable organizations to Automate, Organize and Simplify all the Health and Medical needs and create awareness through an efficient, easy and effective interface that leads towards building an environment of Proactive health at an individual level. Our endeavour is to enhance the standards of fitness, care and health awareness among the Indian seafarers.
The foundations of 3Cube are deep rooted in the Maritime, Medical and Technology fields guided by the vision of delivering innovative and new age solutions.The team compromises of maritime experts, medical doctors and specialists, bio-medical engineers and software developers enabling a holistic approach to our solutions.


Building A Connected Healthcare Eco-System & Delivering Services of the Highest Standards.


Committed to Bridging the Healthcare Gap by facilitating superior crew care and support for all participants of the healthcare Eco-System.
Steadfast in Introducing innovative solutions to meet customer expectations.

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